A.W. Rock – notes

Having been involved in writing, photography and film – much of which was based in Soho for its film production, editing and sound recording facilities – I can see how complex and contradictory the place is.
On the surface it is a busy, buzzy fund place to work and socialise in – and for many it remains like this. But if you go deeper it can be a very different place.
17.10.2018 | A.W. Rock

While writing Soho Honey it was important that I made sure that Harry really knew how to keep bees on his roof in Soho.
The research I did on beehives was very important because it allowed me to show a very different side to his character that was only evident when he was on the roof with his bees.
25.02.2017 | A.W. Rock

Progress is happening on Soho Honey Book 2. The skeleton is starting to fill out and come to life.

07.04.2017 | A.W. Rock

I am writing a series of short stories that we have divided up into concise episodes, echoing what Charles Dickens did; he wrote his books in chapters that were published weekly in his journal.

My fourth short story Soho Mule will be published tonight.

31.10.2017 | A.W. Rock

I am inspired by the sounds and smells of Soho and especially of Chinatown which has such a strong sense of itself that, like the rest of Soho is a character in its own right.

01.11.2017 | A.W. Rock

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