“Having been involved in writing, photography and film – much of which was based in Soho for its film production, editing and sound recording facilities – I can see how complex and contradictory the place is. On the surface it is a busy, buzzy fun place to work and socialise in – and for many it remains like this. But if you go deeper it can be a very different place.” A.W. Rock

After spending too much time in the clubs and bars of Soho, and meeting many eccentric people, A.W. Rock was driven to tell a story that is in part drawn from real events.

Soho Honey book one by A.W. Rock is a gritty crime drama full of suspense.

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‘It was a short but slow walk back down to Bourchier Street and to the wrought iron gates that enclosed the million pound apartments. There were six bell pushes so I pressed the most interesting name.’

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Soho Mule is A.W. Rock’s fourth short story.



‘One of the antique dealers had joined me at the bar. He had a large serrated blade sticking out of his sleeve which he made sure I could see.’

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‘It’s a border terrier.. I live in Bourchier Street..” she waited for a reaction from me but didn’t get one. Bourchier Street had a gated block of smart apartments that only the rich could afford, and she looked like she lived in one of those…’

Episode 2 of A.W. Rock’s short story Soho Mule is now available. Read here


‘Costas kept his old Bakelite telephone under the bar and since he wasn’t around I pulled it out and dialled. I heard a continental ringing tone and assumed that the caller must have been abroad. Eventually it was answered.’

A.W. Rock’s fourth short story Soho Mule will be released Halloween night and shared in four episodes.

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