‘Omo hesitated, “I only have the interests of my country at heart.. there is a small group intent on carrying out the fatwah against me.. they have limited resources and limited access in this country.” “If I eliminate the first one they’ll send another.. and they’ll keep coming”, I said.’

SOHO TRAP by A.W.Rock – a short story in 7 parts

Part 6 is available to read now

‘I could hear an answerphone message playing back and I recognised Julian’s voice warning him about someone who had visited him; it had to be me he was talking about. The man was pacing up and down talking on the phone when suddenly the door swung open. The African grabbed me and smashed my head against the doorjamb, and while I was still stunned threw me face down on the floor and handcuffed my arms behind my back. He was strong.’

SOHO TRAP by A.W.Rock – a short story in 7 parts.

Parts 1 – 6 are available to read now. 

‘There’s a smart cocktail bar next to the entrance of Soho Retreat and I positioned myself in the window with a drink that cost half a working man’s weekly salary…’

‘…I waited and however slowly I drank I’d had two cocktails and was on a whisky and water before the African man arrived.
But instead of going into the flats he changed his mind and came into the bar. I added more water to my whisky and watched as he got involved in an animated conversation with a woman at the bar.’

Part 4 of A.W. Rock’s latest short story, ‘Soho Trap’ is now on the blog. Read it now.


‘The alleyway she had appeared from was directly opposite the block of flats occupied by my target. The murder squad were preoccupied with forensically examining the area.’

Part 3 of A.W. Rock’s latest short story, ‘Soho Trap is now available ‘ Click here