“A.W. Rock has penned a dramatic and eventful thriller.”

The Soho Honey Blog Tour stops at ‘Grab this Book’ on our publication day – 5th May 2016!

“I really enjoyed the mix of characters that interact within the streets of London’s Soho. Through the bars and back-street hotels will pass drug dealers, gangsters, prostitutes, businessmen, models and a covert operative of the British Secret Service – their lives will overlap in spectacular fashion.”

“A story which switches from gritty street drama to a political thriller then a spy/espionage tale there is a lot to like about Soho Honey.  At times it is brutally graphic in depictions of violence, there is frequent drug use and the death count is high. If you like your thrillers unpredictable and action packed then you would do well to add this to your reading queue.”

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