‘I was walking down Wardour Street on my way to Costas Lounge when a woman ran out of an alleyway and straight into me; she tripped and fell into the gutter. I crouched down to help her.’

Soho Trap by A.W. Rock – A short story in seven parts.
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“Having been involved in writing, photography and film – much of which was based in Soho for its film production, editing and sound recording facilities – I can see how complex and contradictory the place is. On the surface it is a busy, buzzy fun place to work and socialise in – and for many it remains like this. But if you go deeper it can be a very different place.” A.W. Rock

After spending too much time in the clubs and bars of Soho, and meeting many eccentric people, A.W. Rock was driven to tell a story that is in part drawn from real events.

Soho Honey book one by A.W. Rock is a gritty crime drama full of suspense.

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‘It was a short but slow walk back down to Bourchier Street and to the wrought iron gates that enclosed the million pound apartments. There were six bell pushes so I pressed the most interesting name.’

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Soho Mule is A.W. Rock’s fourth short story.



‘One of the antique dealers had joined me at the bar. He had a large serrated blade sticking out of his sleeve which he made sure I could see.’

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