“Soho is a village in the centre of London with its heart hidden in the underworld and beating within the bars, clubs and dark alleyways that inspired me to write about it.” A.W. Rock

After spending too much of his own time in the clubs and bars of Soho, and in meeting many eccentric people, A.W. Rock was driven to tell a story that is in part drawn from real people and events.


The first in his Soho Honey series introduces us to a complicated and unorthodox protagonist – Branen – whose backstory is revealed in teasing fragments. Set against a vivid social and cultural history of London, readers will get to straddle both Sohos, and hang out on with him in the in the dark, fetid alleys of the past as well as the modern day iconic watering holes of Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club and Costas Lounge.

Soho Honey by A.W. Rock is a dangerous, seductive and highly addictive debut novel and the perfect next read for fans of serious crime thrillers.

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Turin Book Fair May 18 – 22

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Last year there were 276,000 visitors and over 1,200 exhibitors, 1,400 events and more than 2,000 authors and guests.

‘He wanted to celebrate New Year, So decided to have a large beer, Having drunk that and more, He fell on the floor, With no resolution to fear.’

A.W. Rock features in Authoright’s quarterly publishing magazine, New Edition. The article shares their writer’s resolutions for the new year! See below.

My New Year’s Resolution by A.W. Rock.

Resolution (dictionary definition): a decision to do something or to behave in a certain manner.

I make resolutions on a daily basis – I resolve that I must work and achieve a certain amount – but these decisions inflict pressure to get it done, and I ask myself if this is constructive?

A New Year’s resolution can involve both psychological and physical commitments.
It might be a mental promise to be less selfish.
Or a physical pledge to exercise every day.

Whatever the undertaking, how long is it possible to maintain a New Year resolution?
A day, a week, a month, or the whole year until the next year’s decision?

What is the value of a New Year’s resolution if the resolver does not keep it?
The outcome is nearly always failure – so what is the point?
Is the failure to keep it up a failure?
Or is it acceptance of being human and fallible?

This year my resolution will be not to make a New Year’s resolution in the fear that I will not keep it.

He wanted to celebrate New Year,
So decided to have a large beer,
Having drunk that and more,
He fell on the floor,
With no resolution to fear.


New Edition December 2016
Published on Dec 8, 2016
Issue 31, December 2016 of New Edition, Authoright’s quarterly magazine for authors.